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Detecting faults - Analyzing sources - Reduce escalations

Extraction of light - insurance for emergency cases

DuplexKoppler™ are permanent, error-free points of analysis when monitoring with Probes or Analyzers. They share the light signal and channel a copy of the entire data stream to a measurement point. Because they are completely optical, there are no errors or retroactive effects. No power supply is required and they do not modify any data or convert optical-to-electrical.

In the event of a fault, without DuplexKoppler™ downtime will need to be arranged for the link. In such cases analysing faults is very difïcult and time-consuming. The operating state may become unstable which can prove challenging to resolve.

DuplexKoppler™ are deployed on all storage links and other relevant points within a fabric. They enable professional analysis tools such as a Fibre Channel Probes and Analyzers to be used instantly in any error situation.





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