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Detecting faults - Analyzing sources - Reduce escalations

Long distance application testing

A new data centre is being planned. Applications will access storage systems over distances of several hundred kilometres. Will this change impact application performance? Often there is no way of knowing how applications will perform over long distances. The delay caused by these distances can drastically slow down applications and led to agonizing time-outs. Escalations then follow.
Testing under real-world conditions minimizes the risk of faults and provides assurances and peace of mind for subsequent phases of planning.



  • We work with you to define application testing.
  • The test structure and associated details are determined:
    Information about the application type and structure, loads
  • that arise, distances to be used and protocols that will be operated.
  • We install our emulation systems directly in your work environment or a test environment provided.
  • Your team is briefed on the test tools and content. Together we test distances, applications and loads, taking care to replicate real-world conditions. To this end we incorporate known errors into the test.



  • You obtain the highest possible assurance that your applications will also meet the required conditions in the new environment.
  • Discussions about the feasibility of long-distance projects will be at an end. Real-world testing provides a foundation for subsequent planning and decision-making.
  • Identify which applications are suitable for long-distance operation and which are not. Ask manufacturers and software engineers to optimize unsuitable applications on the basis of tests and results.
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