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Predeployment - Testing eliminates surprises

"The introduction of the new enterprise software was a disaster. Servers are collapsed under the onslaught, the bandwidth was not sufficient and the load balancer did not work properly.", "Our customers complained incessantly about bad performance." - so or something like that could be the comment after implementing new products in the IT.

Must this be like that? No, we believe from MEN@NET. Hence, we offer under the headword "Predeployment" different methods as well as hardware and software for the most different test cases and application scenarios. The tests can be carried out before, during and after the introduction of new products.

Discover the possibilities of real-time emulation of simple network connections to complex routed network structures -. Crosstalk errors and playback of real networks including How will my application behaves on errors on the line? If the backup of the remote site over the WAN line overnight time possible? Are my performant applications at low bandwidths yet? These and many more are typical questions that arise network departments, developers, system administrators and IT professionals in this context often. Through the network emulation, the function of applications, systems, client-server applications, gaming, industrial systems and Wi-Fi products are tested in realistic networks.

Will be complemented by tools to produce real and "synthetic" loads between test and production systems. Does establishing a VoIP call to the VoIP phone? How is the voice quality? My system is RFC 2544 compliant? Will my client-server application with a high base load on the same line? The load generators verify the operation, point to Bottelnecks and give tailored answers to performance issues.

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