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Detecting faults - Analyzing sources - Reduce escalations

SAN Resource Monitoring & Performance Analysis

The SAN cloud seems be impervious. Hardly an administrator is aware of how the data is transported through the SAN or may affect configuration changes.

SAN administration means to keep track in an increasingly complex and rapidly growing environment. Fault-tolerant applications require almost uninterrupted operation. In order to move safely in this system and be able to intervene quickly and effectively in disorders you need accurate and readily available details of your infrastructure - at a glance.  

Resource Monitoring (SAN RM) is a software for automated asset recording and visualization of the physical, logical and virtual connections of your FC environment. SAN RM provides thereby a fast and easy access to all important parameters of your infrastructure.

You need to make configuration changes to your switches? Just get started, and don't worry about the documentation. SAN RM stores fully automated all changes of your FC environment - regardless of whether they are intended or not.

Identify your most important ports such as using WWPN, FCID or alias name. Are your servers redundantly connected and your zoning is cleanly configured? The map - says more than thousand words.

What have you changed lately? Support your statements on clear facts and not on the testimony of third parties. SAN RM shows the actual and the was State of your fabrics - at any time.

Pinpoint problems in the SAN by checking the entire chain of communication. What side effects have occurred - SAN RM ensures a clear picture.




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