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Detecting faults - Analyzing sources - Reduce escalations

SLA fulfilled - more than just words

"A picture is worth a thousand words."-. It is said in the vernacular "Meaningful and clear reports are not a coincidence!" we say from MEN@NET, depending on the customer / viewer the information must report in detail, summary, graphical, tabular, flexible, rigid, colorful or all be together. should inform a report, but not confusing, is precise, but not to detail his should look color matched, but do not overwhelm. This applies to all types of viewers, from IT professional to the Executive.

Building an IT reporting therefore needs a professional planning and consistent customer-focused implementation in the form of a project. We won in the last 10 years experience in projects for IT reporting we provide firms and contracting as an independent partner. Our methodical approach secures the compliance of the magic triangle of quality - time - budget for your project.

Then IT reporting becomes IT intelligence, if the acquired IT information is supplemented by business data and enriched. Filmed edited, and incidents are resolved then production figures, the percentage meeting SLAs will be a profit and loss account and the KPIs of IT infrastructure contribute measurable and demonstrable contribution to value creation.

MEN@NET supports your IT reporting and IT Intelligence projects through consulting, workshops, coaching, implementation, outsourcing / tasking and Education / Training. For the implementation of projects, we use solutions of global manufacturer like Hewlett-Packard or IBM/Cognos.

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