MEN @ NET we make performance happen.
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Detecting faults - Analyzing sources - Reduce escalations

Passion and experience – Specialists for your performance

„We make performance happen“ is the passion and mission of the engineers at MEN@NET since 1999. Our specialists analyze performance problems and implement high-end monitoring systems to detect faults, analyze causes and reduce escalations. We support network designer by the planning of new infrastructures and test this with special tools.

MEN@NET works as an independent provider of solutions and services. For years we have been working very hard with the issue of data and its availability. From the outset, we focus the technology and not the marketing of the manufacturer. The technical expertise in-house and the possibility to test all eventualities in our own lab is the basis for our success. Our technical expertise is highly valued by our customers and enables collaboration with our partners and suppliers at the highest level. Based on standards, we provide solutions that grow with the increasing demands of our customers - easy, cheap and secure.

We have clearly defined core competencies in these areas and belong to the best of the best. We have top references and support the largest enterprise companys and service providers in Germany with our expert knowledge . 

Every interested customer is invited in our lab to assure yourself about thpower of our solutions and the expertise of our staff.


  • More than 10 years experience in the area of the protocol analysis
  • Throughout Europe unique equipment with analysis devices
  • Advice from numerous performance measurements and troubleshooting trips
  • Cross-product know-how in the areas of reporting and SLA definition




The productiveness and quality of every network company is depending on the transparency and the knowledge about the processes in this complex system.

Our task is to create this transparency and safety.




Quality is our benchmark and target. This was confirmed in 2017 by TÜV NORD.



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